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Daikin Marine Co., Ltd., from the customer's point of view, is committed to provide our customers with suitable for different ship's air-conditioning, refrigeration equipment design, and can really help customers develop products that meet their needs. At the same time, we recognize that our customers trust is the most important, under the guidance of this spirit; we will pursue the objective quality of products first and make unremitting efforts.

In order to further meet customer needs, we have also considered to use the global market in mind, air conditioning, refrigeration products professional manufacturer - Daikin Industries, Ltd. " leading-in the world's most advanced air conditioning and refrigeration technology, product development," strength and their Global after-sales service points, to establish a "global coverage of the service network system."

Together with our customers, we will not only continue to develop products with environmental protection, energy saving, low-cost labor and providing a comfortable space, but also give our customer’s peace of mind to use our products, we will focus on "after-sales service covers the whole world" as the goal, establish a global after-sales service system. We hope the generous supports of our customers.

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